Successful Buffalo Turf Projects

Below are several examples of successful Palmetto Buffalo Turf Projects:

Windsor, NSW | Windsor Road, NSW | Warragamba, NSW | Glenmore Park, NSW

Windsor, NSW

One of the first houses to install PalmettoThis was one of the first houses to install Palmetto Buffalo Grass in Australia. For almost a decade, this lawn has been at the peak of its performance. Time has now proven Palmetto is a long term successful buffalo lawn for Australia.

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Windsor Road (Sydney), NSW

Tough site proves drought tolerance.

Palmetto surviving in tough conditions on Windsor RoadAfter 6 years of drought, no irrigation, only water from natural rainfall, and infrequent mowing with many months separating mows, most of the Palmetto Buffalo Grass on Windsor road is still alive and still resembles a lawn. Some areas have recently been riped up for new construction, but undisturbed areas in general have survived the worst drought in history.
Could any other turf do this. Notice that weed invasion is at a minimum.

Partly due to Palmetto's ability to out compete weeds, and partly because the conditions are so harsh that weeds have trouble growing. If Palmetto Buffalo Grass can survive this long, in such a severe drought, with only natural rainfall, it must be the best choice for areas that are suffering, or in the future may suffer water restrictions. The RTA chose Palmetto Buffalo Grass over other Buffalo grass for its ability to out compete weeds, and its ability to grow well with less mowing. (Note this Photo was taken 5 years after planting, and 2 weeks after rain.)

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Warragamba, NSW

Damage from the Christmas day bushfires 2001"The Christmas day bush fires that swept the township of Warragamba (West of Sydney) and our construction site had a severe impact on property and the surrounding parks. Upon our return on January 2nd 2002 we were shocked at the extent of the damage the fires had on our works. The hot dry and harsh conditions continued for several weeks as we attempted to recover from the impact of the fires.

To our surprise, the newly laid Palmetto Buffalo Grass was an island of green in a sea of burnt out chaos. Against all good work practices, we had not even watered the turf for over a week since the maintance crews were cut off by the road closures. In the absence of rain, and the prevailing dry conditions, we had effectively written off the Palmetto Buffalo Grass as a casualty of the bush fires.

Palmetto turf proving it is a resilient turfIt was reassuring and encouraging seeing how resilient the Palmetto Buffalo Grass was against the extremely inclement conditions experienced at Warragamba Dam during Christmas bush fires."
(Rick Cassab) Abigroup Contractors Pty Ltd : Sydney

Palmetto Buffalo Grass survived against all the odds. With so little water so soon after establishment, and such hot scorching fires, it should have died. However, it not only survived, it also looked great.

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Glenmore Park, NSW

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo at Glenmore Park, NSW"We used approximately 5000 square metres of Palmetto Buffalo Grass on two sites at Glenmore Park (a large prestigious sub-division) within the last 14 months. They have been used in passive recreational and display areas requiring a high finish. We have found the performance of the Palmetto Buffalo Grass to be excellent, with thick coverage and rich green colour. It has displayed good vigor and recovery rates in high wear areas. The Palmetto continues to grow during winter, all be it at reduced growth rates,which helps to reduce visible wear areas. We will continue to use Palmetto turf in the high finish areas at Glenmore Park and have no hesitation in recommending it for this use."

( Stuart Farqharson) Griffith Landscape Management: Mount Kuring-Gai, Sydney

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